Writing Short Story #19: The Prince of Argent

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May Contain Spoilers) Minor point but significant enough for me to mention. I’ve changed the headline above from Author’s Notes to Writer’s Notes, as this reflects better on what is driving me.

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Writing Short Story #18: The Tale of Vegas Lily

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May contain spoilers) This is one of those stories that started from an innocuous prompt, wedding chapel, and then took off, blasted off would be more appropriate, into some kind of space exploration romp in a distant part of the galaxy.

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Writing Short Story #17: Grave Mistake

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May contain Spoilers) I don’t read much horror fiction these days but my significant other enjoys scary movies and a little of that may have rubbed off below.

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Writing Short Story #16: Morning Derision

I seem to have a strong interest in cyborgs dealing with whatever world we humans bequeath them. This story features a cast of cyborgs, or maybe they’re some species of transhuman entities.

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About Me

I write mostly science fiction. Unknown worlds that fascinate me include: Stories set on exoplanets 21st Century humans cannot quite detect.

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