Writing Life Writing Fast and Curious

The start of another year. Over the winter break I’ve been writing some scenes for The Zelkova Tree, in between quaffing the odd beer or two.

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Writing The Nanowrimo Famous Five

Last year’s Nanowrimo ended in defeat for me: no 50,000 words. Not even close. Fear of failure and an angst-heavy critical voice broke the flow.

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Writing Focus

December is a busy time in Japan as people rush to finish projects before the January New Year holiday slow down.

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Writing Ritual and Routine

He believed in ritual and routine. The prompt came from a weekly Wednesday writing challenge set by Lauren Shannon, organizer of the Tokyo Writers’ Salon group.

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About Me

Rediscovering the wonder fascinates me as a writer. And that’s probably why science fiction’s my genre of choice. Unknown worlds that intrigue me include:

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