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My daemon muse wrecking crew are hard at work creating new stories - see the listing below the photograph. I expect this page will be updated from time-to-time when the dust has settled.

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Writing Short Story #21: Summer Solstest

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May contain Spoilers) This story began with a writing prompt of summer solstice and then drew on a what if element to a story published in the New Scientist magazine titled Mice given ‘night vision’ by injecting nanoparticles into their eyes.

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Writing Short Story #19: The Prince of Argent

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May Contain Spoilers) Minor point but significant enough for me to mention. I’ve changed the headline above from Author’s Notes to Writer’s Notes, as this reflects better on what is driving me.

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About Me

Rediscovering the wonder fascinates me as a writer. And that’s probably why science fiction’s my genre of choice. Unknown worlds that intrigue me include:

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