Non fiction Busy Golden Week

Japan’s golden week break came just when I needed it. Apart from a few barefoot canters around the park in the warmer weather, I’ve spent most of this week indoors, dealing with line edits and proof reads of a non-fiction book project finally nearing completion.

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Non fiction Space, Dreams and Shadows

I am enrolled on Coursera’s MOOC, Astronomy: Time and Space, which begins on 15th February. The instructor is Chris Impey from the University of Arizona.

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Non fiction Introduction to Astrobiology: My Coursera MOOC Experiences

I mentioned startup, Coursera, and their MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in this post, starstruck-be-careful-what-you-wish-for. MOOCs have been getting more mainstream press attention, partly because of eye popping registration numbers in the multiple tens of thousands for some courses.

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About Me

Rediscovering the wonder fascinates me as a writer. And that’s probably why science fiction’s my genre of choice. Unknown worlds that intrigue me include:

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