Life The Crime of the Plastic Mariner

This is not an easy post to write because I didn’t expect to feel such strong emotions about the short lives and painful deaths of birds in far away places.

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Life Ohayo, Mr. Blue Sky-san

The cold, mostly dry winter is now here on the Pacific (eastern) coast of Japan. Well, at least it is on the crowded part known as the Kanto plain, the part where Tokyo and Yokohama struggle to contain their urban sprawl.

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Life Another November, Another Movember

Another November. Another Movember. Oh, and there’s nanowrimo and possibly some electioneering shenanigans too! This will be nanowrimo number three for me.

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About Me

I write mostly science fiction. Unknown worlds that fascinate me include: Stories set on exoplanets 21st Century humans cannot quite detect.

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