Fiction The Zelkova Tree

The Zelkova Tree is the title of my work-in-progress debut novel. In this post I will describe where the book is going, along with some background on the title’s significance to the story.

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Fiction Avenging Ben

I doodled this story opening on a smartphone while riding the trains in Tokyo. The prompt came from a weekly Wednesday writing challenge set by Lauren Shannon, organizer of the Tokyo Writers Salon group.

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Fiction I Should be Writing 2

I am taking a break from regular posting on this blog to concentrate on my own writing projects see I should be writing and also The Write Stuff by Barry B.

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Fiction I Should Be Writing

I’ve been interested in mind maps since the early 1980s. There’s something creative and empowering about allowing a private world of ideas to take almost any shape I like on paper or screen.

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Mark McClure writes speculative fiction, online serial fiction, and other things too. Click ‘Know More’ below for the unredacted version ;-)

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