Your Personal Worldview Meter

Here’s a simple but thought-provoking self-coaching tool I’ve been playing with.
It works like this:


On a scale of 1 to 5, what are your beliefs about life in general right now?

  1. Life sucks.

  2. My life sucks.

  3. I’m great. You&‘re not.

  4. We’re great, but they aren’t.

  5. Life is great.

I heard about these five levels at a recent get together of some Tokyo-based English language-speaking coaches.

A Japanese coach who attended the 2008 International Coaching Federation’s big shindig in Montreal, summarised the breakout session where this worldview scal was highlighted.

Having thought about it more, I think this worldview exercise may help reveal the overall gestalt view of my collected beliefs and experiences.

And the benefit of applying this tool from time to time is practice in the visionary art of using imagination as a change agent.

For example, if my prevailing belief is #3, I’m great, you’re not, I might reflect on how that’s been working out for me?

What if it were to become a #4?

Or perhaps a #5?