Your Infographic Resume / CV

Last year I wrote that your online resume is everywhere.

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, or a personal blog, many smart people have figured out that leaving these digital breadcrumbs for others to follow online can be a wise career investment.

Especially when the others might turn out to be future employers, colleagues, customers or people of influence and persuasion.

Here’s an example from the marketing world that I like the look of.

Gareth Case is a b2b technology marketing manager in his day job but also makes time to run a personal blog, and is also active on Twitter.

By following these online trails I can quickly get an idea of who he is, and what skills and experiences he might bring to a future opportunity.

All good career nurturing content.

But here’s what encouraged me to check Gareth out further (by following his Twitter feed.)

The link below is to a 1.3 MB pdf file and well worth downloading.

The Infographic  Digital Resume / CV of Gareth Case

He’s subtitled it as a visual representation of my career: 1999 to Present, and it certainly does that. I like how Gareth’s achievements and experience are highlighted in terms of specific metrics that might appeal to future employers looking for a marketer at the top of his/her game.

In some occupations this infographic might be seen as too glitzy and over the top. No problem. Simply design one that best appeals to your industry / profession by researching how other thought leaders are postioning themselves for opportunities and trade media exposure.

Looking at Gareth&‘s infographic reminds me that this is another piece of a medium / long term career management journey. I don’t see it as a quick fix gimmick for finding a job quickly.

How about you?

Can you see how an infographic career resume / CV might be to your benefit (and to any hiring manager or recruiter out there?)