Your Goals and a Mongoose

Jason Ball, of [Good People Japan](, retweeted an interesting post today from the self-styled Worlds Strongest Librarian, Josh Hanagarne.

(And after seeing what Josh can do with kettle balls, I’ve no reason to doubt his claim. Would make an unusual Reality TV show, on location in gym and library.)

Josh’s post was very sure of itself.

Strong, even.

In fact, from looking around his site, I’d say Josh has a good grip (pun intended) on what personal transformation is all about.

I interpreted Josh’s post as follows:

  1. Take a big goal you want to achieve e.g. career change, weight loss, learn a language.

  2. Set three boundary conditions.
    (Josh states these as questions.)

Er, that’s it.

You can read his post here:

Three Questions and The Best Advice I ever Heard

The only thing I’d add is a chat about how to unleash your inner mongoose.

PS Apply Josh’s three questions to a goal of your own and see what starts to happen.