Your Free 2011 Goal Creation Map Template

At this time of year many people start thinking about goal setting, New Year’s resolutions, and what they’d like to achieve over the next twelve months.

Despite this well-intentioned approach, you might think that goal setting would be neglected once people get back to work and become busy again.

It seems not, because among this blog’s most viewed posts each month is one I published three years ago on New Year’s Day.

It’s titled: Your Free 2008 Goal Creation Map Template

I still use that template for creating and setting goals in the main areas of my life and see no reason to change a format that works well; everything’s summarized on one page.

Reviewing the guidelines in that post (and you should also read those if you plan to use the same template I’ve linked to again below), the only thing I’d add is that there are now lots of mind mapping applications to choose from.

For example, in addition to commercial tools such as Mind Genius, I also like the free open source program, FreeMind.
(Aug. 2014 Update: Freeplane is now my open source mind mapping program of choice: )

Your Free 2011 Goal Creation Map Template

(2020-07 Update: Email me if you are interested in a copy of this free pdf template.)

Update: Goal Creation in 2012

This is a March 2012 update to remind readers that the 2011 goal creation maps template works just fine for this year’s and most likely, for many more years to come.