Your 4 Self-Coaching Questions

Well, I made it out of bed for the 7am call as mentioned here:

It was basically a chance for people interested in coaching to learn more about ICA’s offering.

There were folks dialed in from all over the world and quite a few interested in career change, including becoming a full or part-time coach.

So, why did I join in?

Two reasons:

  • I’m an ICA graduate and it was an opportunity to give something back by sharing my coach training experiences with people about to start a similar career change journey.

  • Personal Marketing: my name and blog will most likely be mentioned in the call when it is posted to the ICA web site. (Career changers interested in being a coach or in being coached often visit this site).

On the pre-call registration web form everyone was asked 4 simple questions.

Here is what I wrote.

(And I would challenge you to answer the questions yourself. Just replace the words in bold with your own.)

Q1- What excites you about coaching?
A1- Seeing experience as feedback and a constructive force for change.

Q2- What change/contribution will you make in the world via coaching?
A2- Successful Career Change using goals, coaching and mentoring.

Q3- How will you make a difference?
A3- (With) online coaching and info products

Q4- How will you (or are you) building a successful coaching business_*?
A4- (this is the hub.)