Your 2007 Reality. More Of The Same?

With 2008 now underway, a lot of folks with New Year Resolutions will soon be wondering what’s hit them and why they’re about to give up so soon.

Very often what’s behind this apparent failure’s simply an absence of commitment, resulting in the inability to take and sustain action.

This is especially pertinent to anyone thinking of making a successful career change, because you can count on one thing being true for such a major New Year Resolution:

No Action = No Change

So, if you suspect this applies to your New Year resolve, then what to do?

Although coaching is mostly about looking forward, sometimes it is also instructive to review the events of the immediate past. In this case, how about flipping back through the experiences and events of 2007? There is much to learn there and clues to your future successes, as well as what might be holding you back.

A great thing about the Internet (and especially blogs) is that you are not alone in this type of activity. There are many who can help just by the very words they write.

Here’s one such gentleman, whose blog I recently discovered.

One post in particular I encourage you to read is this:

By the way, I’ve a reason for titling this post, Your 2007 Reality. Can you guess what it is? Hint: it is related to the power of coaching. I’ll return to this power in a future post.