You May be Early But The Coach Is Never Late!

Many years ago I was part of a group of very dedicated track and field athletes.

We made a choice to train hard six days a week in winter and spring, thru rain, snow and shine, so as to be in peak shape for a handful of big events in the summer.

Occasionally one of us would complain because our coach was sometimes late finishing his work and driving to the assigned meeting spot, and we were getting a bit cold and stiff hanging around waiting for him to show.

Coach (Alf was his name) was having none of that and used to say in reply:

You may be early but the coach is never late.

Those running days are long gone but the wisdom in his words lives on.

Alf used to tease us with little jibes like:
“So, if I never showed up, how long would you stand around feeling sorry for yourselves just waiting for me to show up and tell you what to do?”

Look around you at your life.

Is there something you’re ready to give up, change or begin?
(But for some reason you’re starting to get cold feet from waiting around for a workable plan to appear.)

Fear not! This is probably just another case of You being early!

And your coach is NEVER late.

This has little to do with hiring a career coach and everything to do with you. As within, so without.