You Cannot Manage Time

Time management is such an irresistible topic for personal development authors and career change coaches! It’s exactly like that Oscar Wilde quote about temptation, remixed for the personal development world:

I can resist everything except writing about time management.

But, as we know all too well, the plain truth is that you cannot manage time. You can only choose how to spend it.

My coaching and mentoring work is mainly with people who’ve decided to make more conscious choices in how they use their time.

Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And so, in an particularly ironic way, helping my clients get there takes time!
There really are no quick fixes although coaching can sometimes achieve very rapid results in just a few sessions.

It’s a bit like commencing an exercise program with the goal of eventually running a marathon. Initially, progress may be very obvious and you’re soon amazed to find you can now run a mile for the first time since high school without wheezing and collapsing! But after a few months, a fitness plateau may be reached and some reappraisal of training methods will be required.

Same thing with planning a major career change.

By becoming more aware of the little things in your current career and life choices, you can begin to take back some control of your time.

And that can signal the real start of your successful career change marathon.

Yes, mastery of anything worthwhile does take time and effort. Anyone who thinks otherwise will probably not like my coaching and mentoring approach one little bit.

The key thing is to begin!

Because just one hour per day of warm blooded time that you truly call your own is worth far more than any frozen fantasy.

Remember, great career change opportunities will often come “dressed up in overalls and looking like hard work.”

Is it time to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in?

Watch out for some special services and products coming your way on this site to help you do just that.