Written Friday And Posted Thursday

Today’s Friday 11 January!

At least for me it is.

And rather than start the day with a barrage of email, I’ve chosen to write at least every weekday morning.

The goal is simple - write 2 blog posts each day (usually before 10:30) but publish just once per day.

Over time (many months), this will yield 2 desired results:

  • Writing each day becomes a habit pattern (I know this well from running).

  • Freedom.

Of course it helps (a lot) if you happen to like the new habit pattern you are creating! In my case, I’m really excited to write blog posts, course materials, coaching and mentoring emails as well as articles for online and print publications.

All being well, this post will be automatically published on Thursday 24 January.

Are there any new habit patterns you are working on early in the day?