Will Your IT Career Survive and Thrive In 2009

This post’s for UK-based Information Technology employees worried about losing their jobs but nonetheless determined to survive and thrive. It’s a follow-up to my post on career support for IT professionals.

Having just talked Friday night with an IT career coach back in the Sceptred Isle, here’s a 1st draft outline of what we’d like to cover in a series of teleseminars:

career teleseminar

There’d be no charge for attending the call and if you use Skype-Out (or some other Net Phone service) then it would cost nought.

The calls would include time for laser coaching, Q&A time and some followup exercises and ideas for you to test and implement.

The call-to-action will be simple:
Sign up for the call and you’ll also get the mp3 to download after.

Two Questions for you:

  1. Should we cover all topics above in a single call (60 or 90 minutes) or deliver as separate calls?

  2. Any other must-do topics?

PS: If you’re outside of the UK, you’ll still be welcome to attend but the initial focus will be on the UK market, warm beer, cheese and onion crisps etc 😉