Will 2011 Be Your Year For Success, Wealth, Financial Freedom and Happiness?

That’s quite a headline, isn’t it?

But it’s not actually mine.

Anyway, perhaps you&‘re not surprised anymore by such outlandish claims - seems like a small army of personal growth gurus, self help experts and sundry life coaches start ramping up their 2011 online marketing efforts before folks get wrapped up in end of year celebrations and/or general busyness.

So, what’s different about this castles in the air headline?

Year to Success

I think the key point is that the author, Bo Bennett, has (as far as I can tell) walked the talk. He certainly has with respect to visible business success, wealth and financial freedom.

(Personal happiness is a subjective judgment but I’m sure he’s got that one covered too.)

Just who is Bo Bennett?

Looking around his personal growth site, year to success, along with a little googling, soon gave me a picture of a man who is determined to succeed at whatever he attempts.

From making millions with his web business company in the Internet gold rush of the 90s (he sold his business at the tech market peak in 2001, while still in his 20s) to becoming a martial arts expert, he’s turned a life-long interest with personal growth into direct action.

You’ve probably read that many of the self-help gurus parrot the line about finding someone who has done what you want to do, and then copying or mimicking what they did.

Well, Bo has sure left a trail of ideas and thinking for others to pick up on, in the form of his success web site. Although there are paying membership options, you can download the entire 366 daily podcast lessons to your iPad or mp3 player for free (just email registration required.)

I don’t think this is another get rich quick slam on the unwary because Bo’s personal and business story is one of ups and downs, and of living the logo up close and personal.


Yes, this one (at the top of his home page)

When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts.

Hear! Hear!

2011 is no doubt going to be a challenging year for many. There’ll be successes and setbacks for individuals, companies, all the way up to nation states, and perhaps even trading blocs.

That’s why you need to have some type of plan to make the best of the circumstances you find yourself in. And, where necessary, to start making significant and incremental changes.

Only you know what you can do or not do with your own life and ambitions.

But I know one thing about you for sure.

If you don’t have any plans for your life or career, others will.