Adding Performance Coaching Skills To Your Technical Expertise

Today’s post is addressed to anyone who is firmly in the tech or geek career camp and wants to add some useful and transferable soft skills to their repertoire.

For starters, here are two benefits that can come from applying a coaching mindset to your work:

  1. Coaching skills will help you enjoy your tech job even more than before because you’ll be able to excel at sharing knowledge in ways that both honor and challenge those around you.

  2. By helping others in such an uplifting way you will become not only a more respected technical subject matter expert but also a team player with a difference; one who is focused on getting specific results for relevant tasks, usually within limited time frames.

That’s what performance coaching is all about.

And it’s also point #2 that your boss and other peer level managers are more likely to notice and remember when it’s time to make the tough decisions over and above whatever technical role you were hired to perform.

So how do you make a start on developing performance coaching expertise?

Buy, beg or borrow a copy of Sir John Whitmore’s book Coaching For Performance. Though aimed primarily at managers it’s an excellent primer on how coaching can fuse very powerfully with everyday work life.

Stay tuned to this blog because I will be discussing coaching (including self-coaching) for a technical audience in more detail.

Read this article I wrote for a CCIE recruiter’s September 2008 newsletter:
www.ccieflyer-dot-com/Sept2008-article-08.php Are You A Performance Coaching Internetwork Expert?
(2017-03 update: Link appears to be broken.)

Eman’s newsletter is growing and I was honored to be asked to contribute a coaching-themed article for his readers. (I’d appreciate some feedback on that article as it’s my first piece aimed specifically at a technical group.)