Why 2 Goal Creation Courses?

(Aug 2014 Updates: Before reading the post below please note the following changes:

  1. CD version of the Goal Creation Maps course is no longer on general sale.

  2. Online version of the Goal Creation course is available for free viewing. The videos are in YouTube and the GCM site has the transcripts.

  3. I no longer offer individual coaching or mentoring.

Take a look at the toolbar on the right hand side of this blog where you’ll find a category titled ‘Goal Setting Products’. Within that category there appear to be two ‘Goal Creation Maps’ courses.

Actually, there is only one course but delivered to you in two convenient ways and at an identical price.

Where your Internet connection is broadband based (at least ADSL) then the Internet version will work fine and you can start watching each video within a minute or so.

If your Internet connection is unreliable, or uses a dial-up modem, then your best option is the CD version. The online version will not play properly on anything less than a reliable broadband connection.

The main reason I created the course is to provide a supportive structure for people who are about to embark on (or have already begun) a major change in their life, such as career change.

You can use it as a standalone resource or in combination with some of the coaching and mentoring services I will be offering.

It is most definitely not a magic bullet success system (do these exist?) since you are ultimately responsible for your own career change, not me. However, an experienced guide can be a big help.

That means the drive by goal setter who has merely a passing interest in setting New Year Resolutions but no burning desire to change, will be better off NOT buying any of my products or services. They won’t work for you if you don’t work for yourself.

Here’s a summary of what’s inside the course: (The numbers in brackets are the length of each video in minutes).

Video 01: Your Coach: Mark McClure. [4 min.]
Video 02: Getting the Best from this Course. [6 min.]

Video 03: Action Part 1. [4 min.]
Video 04: Goal Mapping Process and Tools. [13 min.]

Video 05: Creating Your Bio-Map. [11 min.]
Video 06: Vision Part 1. [5 min.]

Video 07: Vision Part 2. [17 min.]
Video 08: Your Current Roles. [9 min.]

Video 09: Playing New Roles. [8 min.]
Video 10: Goal Mapping Part 1. [10 min.]

Video 11: Goal Mapping Part 2. [18 min.]
Video 12: Goal Mapping Part 3. [11 min.]

Video 13: Directed Imagination. [14 min.]
Video 14: Action Part 2. [11 min.]

Video 15: Publish! [18 min.]
Video 16: Review. [16 min.]

Also included in the CD and online versions is a 60 plus page transcript of the course notes in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This is useful for English as second language (ESL) customers as well as native speakers who prefer the written word.