What is it You’re Escaping to?

Pamela Skillings (2018 Update: now defunct) Escape from Corporate America blog links to a great video interview of her by Devesh Dwivedi.

I’ve posted the 22 minute video link below and recommend it to anyone still in the corporate world who is thinking about career change but not sure what to do next.

This is the first time I’ve encountered Devesh and I was impressed with his interviewing skills. He asked each question and then kept quiet while Pamela got on with answering it!

Some of the interview highlights that resonated with my experience were:

  • What to do? (4m 24s)

  • What is it you’re escaping to? (8m 29s)

  • Ethical moonlighting and financial implications. (10m 1s)

  • Career transition doesn’t necessarily mean being an entrepreneur (14m 0s)

  • The reality of starting a business; how are you going to solve problems in the marketplace? (16m 0s)

  • (Solo) entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages of growing a business, spend a lot of time alone. Therefore, having a support network and not becoming isolated are things to think about. (17m 0s)

Interview With Pamela Skillings from Entrepreneur In Making on Vimeo.

Career change is about taking calculated risks but with no firm guarantees of success. That said, I think Pamela and Devesh communicated a very important message about the joys and perils of escaping from cubicle celldom:

Hope for the best but plan for the worst.