What if Science Fiction Books were Bento Lunch Boxes?

if science fiction books were japanese bentos

This (see picture) was one of the best bento boxes I’ve ever tasted in Japan. Even more delicious than expected, in fact, because I’d just wrapped up a 16-hour fast. Could have eaten a second one; no problem at all.

Some cheap bentos fill space with too much kludgy rice that ends up sticking to me belly like lead. But this beauty tickled all the right taste buds besides being a visual feast just to look at. Much as the best books I’ve ever read had just that right combo of eye-catching cover, back copy blurb and an opening hook that reeled me in and didn’t let go, a gourmet bento box will leave you spoilt for choice and wondering where to get another one like it.

My top 3 science fiction books that leave me wanting more are:

  1. Replay by Ken Grimwood
    I wrote an appreciation of the late Mr. Grimwood’s book here on this blog in 2008.

  2. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
    The backstory of how Mr. Bradbury wrote 451 by renting time on a typewriter in the basement of a university’s library makes it even more endearing and enduring to me.

  3. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood (The whole MaddAddam Trilogy is wonderful and terrifying.)

I suppose that there is some blurring of the edges between the science fiction and the speculative fiction for choice #3 but this SF genre is a spectrum anyway. Rather like that bento! There’s something for everyone.

What I’m Reading:

Still working my way through the print and eBook lists I wrote about in the previous post. Also found some commuting time for my Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine backlog and sneaked in a short story from a Roald Dahl collection called SKIN and other stories.

What I’m Writing:

The distraction-free writing approach I blogged about in July this year continues to be of great help to me. But with one additional support. And that is to begin the writing first thing. Well, first thing that is, after I tend to a call of nature and fifteen minutes of strengthening the muscles around my knees. I am on a writing streak now of seven continuous days, starting around 5am, for about an hour. May not be much to the great and the mighty but I’ll take any writing win right now haha.

(* Clarification: I ate the bento contents and not the box itself.)