We are All Eighth Graders At Heart

I don’t post Miley Cyrus videos (!) but will make an exception just this once.


Well, the young lady I know as that eighth-grade middle schooler, our daughter, will become a high school student from this September. And some of her school choir classmates sang along to an uplifting acoustic guitar version of Miley’s song, The Climb.

It’s hard to believe that the years have flown by so fast.
Yet they have.

At her graduation celebration (the school prefers that word over ceremony) there were encouraging and moving speeches from both students and teachers about change and growth.

Of course, as a parent and a teacher, I was proud of all their achievements and the basic goodness of these young people. But at the same time I was also a little saddened at some of the problems (global, national, local and personal) they may confront in the years to come.

However, if they can approach these mountains with even a fraction of the power revealed in Ms Cyrus’s lyrics, it’ll be beast 😉