Wealth or Health

From time to time I hear about big lottery winners and feel a wee touch of envy. Then, like a passing cloud, it’s gone and I think no more about it (helps that I don’t buy lottery tickets lol!)

And very occasionally a winner comes along who has been in poor health for years and goes on the record as saying, I’d give it all up to have my health back.

Would you?

I’m sure that I would, having seen how just a simple tummy bug a few weeks ago laid me low for nearly 3 days. No appetite, no exercise, no blogging! (editor: that might be a blessing in disguise for the reader.)

Which brings me to the point of the post.

Is there anything in your life (and specifically, in your career choice), which you know is good for your wealth but less so for your health?

And are you OK with that?

(PS: A solution doesn’t necessarily mean beating your chest and handing in your resignation next day. I suggest reading The 15-Second Principle by Al Seunda for some ideas on simple, gradual change.)