Volcano Acrostic Poem

Here’s an acrostic poem I wrote a few days ago:

Volcano Acrostic Poem: 2009-12-01

Violence from the Underworld
Overcomes the peaceful earth.
Love is melting,
Creating scars of ash and tears.
Actions, once forgotten
New magma erupting
Only cinders whisper here.


Mount Fuji, Dormant Volcano, Japan

For a first attempt, I’m quite pleased with it.

But what really delights me is how I was (mostly unconsciously) influenced by the style of the narration in the previous post, ‘Lost Generation’.

As a pleasing by-product, try reading the first word of each line from top to bottom.

Kinda, sorta works, doesn’t it?

Only New Actions Creating Love Overcomes Violence

However, going up the page flows nicely:

Only New Actions Creating Love Overcomes Violence.