Update: Seven Summits And Otsuchi’s Curtains of Love

The good news (at least for my feet and knees) is that the seven-summits-and-otsuchi-curtains-of-love project, begun 18 months ago, was completed on Friday 25th October, 2013.

And here’s yours truly at the top of the 9F, celebrating stair climb # 1627, the last one.


The date and time (5pm) may not mean much to anyone else but it marks the end of a long vertical slog. I figured on twelve months to wrap it up but a combination of Tokyo&‘s summer heat/humidity, occasional knee problems, holidays and respiratory illnesses (colds etc) added another half year.

Still, it’s good to be finished and not have the pressure of yet another day’s climbing to do and log. Even though, many times the round trip climbs were therapeutic in that I was physically active for 6 to 10 minutes at a time, the last six months did often feel like a grind.

Some statistics.

I climbed on 301 days an average of 5.4 times daily, ascending an average of 151 meters.

The total vertical climb was 45,556 meters (28.3 miles), ending up somewhere in the upper stratosphere.

otsuchi curtains of love

The next step is to find out how to get my 45,556 Yen to the Otsuchi project, assuming it is still operational.

If that’s not possible then I’ll find another of similar value in the Tohoku region.

2021-03-15 Update: Ten years have passed this disaster. Much of the infrastructure and tsunami protection walls have been completed.

However, the work of helping people and communities is ongoing, and will likely take many decades. There are many worthwhile causes in need of support. Yahoo Japan’s list here is a good place to start: