Update on The 1-3-6 Weight Loss Experiment

This post’s an update to the one I wrote on 10th July, 2011 about a 1-3-6-weight-loss-experiment.

The numbers don’t lie.

Current (May 2012) weight: 82 kg (181 lbs)

That’s just 1 kg (2.2 lbs) less than nearly a year ago and way off the target weight of 77 kg by 31st Dec, 2011.

What Went Wrong?

First of all, I was not on a diet. Never have been, in fact. (Other than the sea-food diet i.e. when I see food, I eat it.)

Joking aside, here are my comments on the three actions I planned to take that would increase the odds of achieving my goal.

Increase Daily Walking:

Planned: 10 to 20 minutes

Actual: 50 minutes (30 AM and 20 PM)

This is working out well and allows me to power walk twice daily (Mon to Fri.)

Add 7 Minutes Circuit Sessions:

Planned: Add after running-in-the-park sessions.

Actual: Completed twice weekly during the warm summer and early autumn mornings or evenings. Stopped once it became too dark and cold.

Climb Stairs:

Planned: Walk Up 9 Flights of Stairs Approx. 3 Times Daily:

Actual: Walking up 9 flights of stairs (28 m vertical height) approx. 5 times daily. Maximum daily climb was 13 times. A round trip (up and down) the stairs takes about 3 minutes. This adds at least 15 minutes to the daily exercise routine.

In addition, since beginning the 7-Summits Challenge I’ve noticed both my leg strength and toning have noticeably improved.

Two out of three isn’t bad, especially when their implementation in daily life went beyond what was planned.

But what about those 6 things I was to stop doing?

  1. Planned: Eliminate all snacking after 9 pm: This was probably 50/50. Sometimes I’d have a coffee and biscuit around 10pm but at least there was very little secret munching of big choco bars.

  2. Planned: Stop all weekday beers: Epic Failure. A 350 ml can is about 12 fluid ounces. Mid-week, I’d down two cold ones (not every night haha!), perhaps a subconscious reward for the evening walk homeward?

  3. Go to bed by 11 pm: Actually, I was lucky if I was in bed by midnight and then up again at 5:30.

  4. Stop Buying TGIF Chocolate: Another 50/50. I still feel a need to treat myself. But for what?

  5. Start Standing Up More: This is on track because the stair climbing has me doing something active every 60 minutes.

  6. I still can’t find a sixth cease and desist (lol!) that fits this rubric.

Is The Ladder Leaning Against the Wrong Wall?

It’s quite possible that 77 kg is a goal I’;m unlikely to achieve without half-starving myself to death. And that’s because I was probably only ever less than 80 kg (176 lbs; 12.5 stone) in my teens once weight training for running became a part of my early 20s lifestyle.

Looking now at a 2002 health check report I had here in Japan, I was also 82 kg.

Nevertheless, I’m keen to see the inches melt away from the jelly belly. I’ll therefore continue working with the 1-3-6(5) system described above, but will modify the target goal to be:

Decrease waist size from 37 to 35 inches; ( 95 cm to 89 cm) by 31 Dec 2012.

My expectation is that toning up the waist line will naturally reduce the body mass.

I plan to use a great core abs workout video as my guide, thanks to my daughter for pointing me to the folks at

I can include some of Nicole’s workout in my morning, and evening push up / sit up routine now at 26/74. (See my post on rediscovering willpower for details.)

However, as my core is somewhat weak in relation to legs, shoulders and arms, I’ll start by adding the Sparkpeople exercises every other day.

Break-Fix Exercise Habits

So, that’s where I’m at with exercising this 51 years old body.

How about you?