True Happiness And Peace of Mind

As I chalk up 48 not out on ye olde terra firma today, my mind flickers through a panorama of images, emotions, people and places from this particular earth experience.

Nobu Choco Bento

One of these timeless scenes has my mother saying “Seems just like yesterday”, as we sit on the back door step drinking tea and eating digestive biscuits. She’s taking a short break from housework and I’m recharging my batteries after returning from school.

Although clearly hearing what she said I was still deaf to the bittersweet meaning implied by her sigh and the peacefulness of the moment.

That was thirty plus years ago.. and it seems just like yesterday😉

Wow! Such moments are when life’s deeper meanings presents themselves for inspection; rather like Nobu’s Chocolate Bento Box dessert shown above. (But don’t delay: peak enjoyment’s tasting the ice cream in a hot chocolate sauce embrace. Yummy!)

Of course not all memories are happy ones in many peoples lives. But still I am struck by how much happiness is a truly evervescent emotion; by that I mean it is impervious to failure and resentment and will happily (!) enliven whatever and whomever it has the good fortune to encounter.

In fact, the more I think about happiness in my own life the more I tend to agree with what the US self development author, Brian Tracy said in his wonderful book, Maximum Achievement:

Set Peace of Mind As Your Highest Goal.

Setting Wealth, Health, Relationship and Financial goals may be all well and good but without a mind at peace I doubt that they will amount to much over a lifetime.

Fortunately, an increasing number of psychologists (particularly Dr. Martin Seligman and others) have  persevered long enough to bring the field of Positive Psychology to our attention.

And so I will end this birthday post with a little present for you all; a blog from the Happiness Institute, a Down Under organization making a real difference in peoples lives under the ever smiling face of Dr. Happy, aka psychologist, Dr. Tim Sharp. The site’s titled The Happiness Institute:

Check out Tim’s positive psychology blog. There are some great posts on happiness at work too.