Too Busy to Set Goals

This is the second of 3 posts on goal setting excuses.

That old story about no workaholic at death’s door ever wished they’d spent more hours at the office might make you smile.

But how about you and your goals?

Perhaps you’ve set some but are too busy to get started.

Too busy doing what?

Here are two possibilities:

  1. You&‘re indeed busy with goals. Someone elses!
    (For some people it’s a common experience to spend a lot of time doing this.)

  2. You’re in denial about the reality and implications of getting started, succeeding or failing.

Why is that?

The danger of being too busy is that it can become self-perpetuating and habitual.
It’s also seductive by draining you of your power to act and because, well, you’re too busy.

See a pattern, here?


Pick one area of your life where you’re not actively setting goals even though you want to make changes. e.g. career, health, or finances.

Then in a private and relaxing space, think about and then complete the following short exercise. (You can also choose to post your entry as a comment to this blog post.)

I am not yet setting goals in ‘X’ because…

and write for ten or fifteen minutes be totally honest.

But keep this information confidential.

  1. Are any of these written reasons true?

  2. What if you challenged some of the beliefs behind them?

PS: It’s quite possible that no changes are necessary in a given area of your life. Things are humming. If so, become aware of that. How do you feel? Grateful? Contented? Happy?