They’re out of touch, they’re out of time.

Time for another visit to Northern Ireland where, despite the media’s obsession with localized rioting and anarchy, most people are just trying to get on with life.

The view from the Far Eastis somewhat different, as fallout from political and financial nukes exploding in Euroland, seemingly on an almost weekly basis now, drifts this way.

Quite simply, the economic fates of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are in the hands of others.

One is locked into externally-imposed austerity and the Euro-project.

The other is dependent mainly on state largese and how deep go the government’s public sector cuts.

There are, however, some chinks of light in the financial gloom; the entrepreneurial technology sector being one.

When a good idea meets well-educated people and the necessary seed capital, great things can happen. A superb example is Andor Technology prowess in the scientific digital camera market. (Andor was started in Belfast and maintains its head office there.)

Of course, these successes are relatively minor in the greater scheme of things and the reality is that smart, ambitious and (often) young Irish people are again emigrating in increasing numbers.

And who can blame them?

I did something similar in 1987 and, while I miss my family and the green, green grass of home, the gains have outweighed the losses.

And yet, mortality will have its say one day. In more practical terms, the vitality of youth knows no bounds till tempered by experience. Not sure who may have said that but the message is usually clear enough by mid-life.

And it goes something like this:

Is it true that your career is your own and you form it?

PS The post title is a play on lyrics from that wonderful Hall and Oates song, Out of Touch. Are yous’uns listening? 🙂