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The Zelkova Sphere of Influence

katsunuma yamanashi japan wine

We’re fortunate that November is still mild (16 Celsius) and pleasant, and as Tuesdays are usually rest days for me, we took a 90-minutes train ride from Tokyo out to the delightful little town of Katsunuma, in Yamanashi prefecture. This is the heart of Japanese wine country and a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day.

First we participated in a local winery tour and then enjoyed a delicious lunch in the adjoining restaurant, including five glasses of their wines.

Then we took a short taxi to a local hotel on a nearby hilltop and relaxed in a public onsen (communal baths) for a few hours.

Suitably refreshed, the snooze home passed without incident.

Only later did I make a connection between that day and one of my writing projects, The Zelkova Sphere.

The winery’s restaurant was also called Zelkova, named after the Japanese Keyaki tree. I’m taking this as a sign to resume writing this book, the first in a trilogy I’ve been dallying over for several years. The big question is can I start this project while also running with the weekly story challenge?

Stay tuned.

What I’m Reading:

Little has changed from the last post. It’s still a mixture of Asimov’s short stories and back editions of New Scientist magazine. Catching up on this delightful backlog will probably occupy another month because I like to savor the writing and look up new words, in addition to studying how the writer has tackled the story in question.

What I’m Writing:

And it’s short stories all the way. I am writing #6 this week. See here for a [list of stories written]../short-story-challenge/).