The Writer’s Portable Mentor

writer’s portable mentor Priscilla Long

A shoutout this month to Priscilla Long’s book, The Writer’s Portable Mentor.

I am having fun applying her working with language practices to some pieces I am working on.

I was also pleased to learn that Priscilla encourages the use of timed writing, as this is a practice I enjoy very much.

Copying out a paragraph or two of a work-in-progress into my writer’s notebook and then rewriting it with one of her recommended craft exercises in mind has been very revealing.

When I finish the exercise I then type it back into the piece. (I am getting better at finishing what I’ve started, although if you have visited my justfiverules site, you&‘ll notice I have some way to go on getting that skill down!)

A wonderful, wonderful book for writers of creative non-fiction and short story writers. But I think the novelist within will also benefit from its wisdom and encouragement.