The Mid-Career Change Report Volume 1

There are now over 180 posts on this blog, many about mid-career change.

However I realize that few readers will have the time or patience to go rummaging through the archives looking for diamonds among others collecting digital dust.

Sooo, what I’m going to do is put together The Best Of MarkMcClureToday Volume 1, and release it as special report.

Japanese candy sushi

The report will (probably) be a digital product (Adobe Acrobat pdf) and include supporting exercises (hey! I’m a career coach!) and some audio mp3s, so you can listen on an iPod too.

Price point? About $15.

Mark McClure

PS: Like the digital candy sushi? The real thing’s yummy!

March 2012 Update: There are now 280 posts and I guess it’s time this project was started!]

March 2017 Update: This project eventually took the form of an eBook, published in May 2016, titled Living Your Best Life - Self-coaching Conversations.