The Leadership Development Carnival by Dan McCarthy

There are some great posts in Dan McCarthy’s Leadership Development Carnival this month and I’m grateful to be included as one of the newcomers.

My favourite from those I read is by Michael Moore (no, not the Hollywood director) and features leadership lessons to be learned from one of the roles played by the late great Paul Newman:

Paul Newman - A lesson In Leadership From Butch Cassidy

Watch the short YouTube movie clip that accompanies the post - absolutely hilarious as long as it relates to a bunch of outlaws and their absentee leaders foibles, well summarized by Michael’s amusing observations.

Do any of your managers fit Butch’s profile?

(If yes, maybe keep that info to yourself! There are anyway the C-level equivalents of knife fights, shootouts and holdups galore to amuse and horrify anyone still chained to the corporate hole in the wall gang 😉)

Wow! Now the memories are streaming back of my father taking my brother and I to see this movie in the summer of 1969, just as civil unrest (aka The Troubles) was breaking out in N.Ireland.

I had a 9 year old&‘s crush on Katharine Ross after watching that bicycle scene with the wonderful Raindrops keep falling in my head song.