The IT Career Engineer’s Special Video Report

(Oct 2011 Update: My IT Career Engineer website is no longer operational.)

20 Freaking Awesome Years From a Certified Coach and Internetworking Expert in 179 Minutes.

Are you:

  1. Starting a technical career in IT but wondering how to make it a worthwhile one?

  2. An experienced IT Professional in career transition?

  3. An IT Team Leader Trying To Do More with Less?

The globalization of Information Technology continues to gather pace and currently looks unstoppable.

And Information Technology professionals (what I call ‘subject matter experts’) are in the front line of these changes.

While the economic and career growth challenges may be starkly different depending on whether you’re in the developed or developing world there is, I believe, a common denominator:

Great Technical Skills are Simply NOT Enough Any More!

To optimize your chances of surviving and prospering in an IT Technical Career now requires a flexible and unique mix of communication, business and technical skills (and probably in that descending order of importance.)

But how to go about doing this?

Here’s a clue: Find mentors who have already done it. Learn from them. And then adapt that knowledge to your own particular situation.

Here’s a big hint: I am one of these mentors!

In fact, I’m probably one of the very few who has been on the IT Technical front line for 20 years and who also has the professional coaching, mentoring and educational skills to impart that knowledge and experience in a useful manner.

That’s why I created this special mentoring product to help IT Experts just like you make the very best of your skills and aptitudes.

Available only on CD early 2008.

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More Information here: (Oct 2011 Update: sorry, site not available)