52 Stories in 52 Weeks Blasts Off


One of the most-visited posts on this blog begins with a quote from the sci-fi movie, Contact:

Small Moves, Ellie. Small Moves

I think about the meaning of those words almost every time I’m faced with some big task or problem that looks to be impossible. It all comes down to making a start and course-adjusting as I go. And that’s the approach I hope to bring to my fiction writing over the next twelve months, starting today. (Well, I already started at 5am. This post is an update and a line in the sands of time.)

Over the years I’ve compiled a lot of resources on the craft of writing. In theory, I should know it all haha. In practice, there is a distinct lack of published output.

So, the game plan for the next 52 weeks is to follow the advice of an acknowledged master, the late Ray Bradbury. The 52 stories in 52 weeks short story challenge is the writing path I am now embarked on.

I started story #1 at 5am this morning (Monday 8th October.) The plan is to publish a finished version here on the blog each Sunday night. All being well, a blog post will also go out (by the next day, Monday) alerting interested readers to check it out. I welcome constructive feedback on the comments to each story post, which I plan to keep open for the duration of the challenge.

Please note that these stories will surface into the world with only a basic proofread by yours truly. Should any of them move on to the self-publishing stage in October 2019, then a more rigorous copy edit will be undertaken.

What I’m Reading:

My reading axis is now rotating to one of short stories. In addition to Asimov’s Science Fiction magazines (reading two concurrently) I’ve also started on Roald Dahl’s Skin and Other Stories. The two reading stacks mention in this post are still active but turnaround time is lengthening!

Ray Bradbury also spoke about reading a poem and an essay each night before bedtime for a period of 1000 days!! He referred to this as a form of mental hygiene for writers. Sticking with the small moves approach, I’ll start with a short story a night and reevaluate progress in a month or two.

What I’m Writing:

Can’t you guess?! I won’t say much about any short story until it’s published here. But I do plan to make some observations on my writing process each week. The topic of where writers get ideas from seems to be of endless fascination to many (me included) and one reason for this challenge is to explore where mine are coming from. And to exercise that ideas muscle.

The 52-in-52 Challenge Page:

Here is the page where links to stories will be published each week.

My twitter tag (if I remember to use it) will be #52in52