The 5-Minute Crush

For the past 10 months my weekday morning routine kicked off with a leisurely breakfast around 8am, followed by a walk in the park with Kuri.

Not so Monday 18th February.

On that morning I wrote the outline of this post while riding the 8:11am train to my 6-month consulting IT gig.

Or rather, it was 8:11am when I thought of what I would be writing about later because the train was too crowded to do anything but adopt an upright meditating sardine pose.

Actually, compared to the 90-minutes 1-way commute on three different lines back in 1997, this 40 minute shunt’s a doddle.

Standing room only all the way but sardine time is a brief five minutes between two busy stations.

That’s just about long enough to do my current version of Betty Erickson’s light trance exercise.

(Remember to only do this type of self-hypnosis when it is safe to do so; and certainly not while driving or about to drive. I consider riding a train to be low risk!)

Most likely I will give myself suggestions for blog ideas to gestate during the working day, with the plan being to draft them on the homeward journey, and post at least one that evening for future publication.

Looks like the optimal way to continue to honor the intention I set for myself at written-friday-and-posted-thursday, and I will be interested to see how it works out over the next few weeks.

Have you had any recent changes in direction, detours, or temporary alterations in your career planning?