15af: Video 01 Introduction

Here’s the first YouTube video in the 15 and forgiveness series mentioned in the 15 and forgiveness for career changers - Al Secunda post.

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Part One: 15 And Forgiveness: Introduction

Below is the embedded video, and underneath is the transcript.

15af Introduction: Edited Transcript

Hello and welcome to

This is Mark McClure and I’ve got a special treat for you.

It’s an interview I did with Al Secunda, the author of The 15-Second Principle.

I’ve called it 15 and forgiveness (15af).

And when you download and listen to it, I think you’ll find out why.

But just before we start the interview, I’d like to introduce you to Al and his work, and why it had such a big effect on me.

And how I think it can help career changers and people with major life changes, in fact, make progress towards their dream goal or vision.

Some people dream of making big changes for the better in their life or career, yet create only castles in the air. Others set specific goals but avoid ever taking action.

One man who has faced all the above in his own life and finally decided to do something about it, is motivational speaker, workshop leader coach, and author of The 15-Second Principle, Al Secunda.

(Al’s wonderful book is available on and really helped me keep going when I began my mid-life career change journey some years ago (2005).)

In fact, I found his approach so helpful in moving forward that I finally plucked up the courage and asked him to do a telephone interview, my first; so you can imagine I was a little nervous.

The interview’s all about using the 15-second principle.

In just under two hours, Al Secunda shared freely from his experiences and knowledge, and we covered a lot of topics, and had a bit of fun too. I’m going to read out just five highlights from the first thirty minutes:

  1. Connecting fifteen and forgiveness with your dream goals. (This is probably the crux of the whole interview really.)

  2. The Zen-like answer to, what can you do in fifteen seconds?

  3. Why pleasure before precision helps learn a new skill.

  4. Discover how faithing and taking action go hand-in-hand.

  5. Getting comfortable with discomfort; what he calls the inclusion factor.

Now, there’s a whole lot more in the remaining hour or so, so you should (probably) get a pencil and a note pad out, if you’re wise, and take some notes.

(Because) It’s really valuable information.

As far as downloading the interview is concerned, I recommend if you have a cable broadband or faster internet connection, you should be able to download it no problem.

It’s a twenty five (25) megabyte file and it took me about five minutes to download the same (file) sitting here in Japan, with the file on a server in the US. So, if I can do it over (under?!) the Pacific, I think you should be able to do it with a cable broadband connection, if it’s reasonably reliable.

Now, before you start listening, I recommend that to get the very best from the interview, you first think of a big goal or dream you’ve been putting off starting for ages.

So, typically for career changers, it is in fact making progress on figuring out what they can change their career to, or moving on to something different.

Apply Al’s 15 and Forgiveness Approach Today

Have that in mind; what’s holding you up, what that dream is, then listen to the interview, and then right after it, as soon as the interview is finished, NOT the next day, not two hours later, but right away, apply Al’s 15 and forgiveness approach, and see what happens.

And if you want some support, or you want to let others know how you are getting on, just drop by my blog, at markmccluretoday dot com, and let me know. Leave a comment in one of the posts, the latest post, and I’ll see it. And if you’ve got something useful to share, I’ll make sure everybody else knows about it too.

Okay, let’s start the interview now. Enjoy.

PS: The Original 2 Hour MP3 Interview with Al Secunda

The original 15 and Forgiveness mp3 Al Secunda interview audio interview is available here: link to be arranged.

2016 March update: There is just one video on YouTube about the 15 and forgiveness interview I did with Al Secunda in 2008.

Four years on from the first one I made in 2012 (my, how time flies!), I changed my mind about creating a series of them. Instead, the interview transcript has been edited and self-published as a short ebook. It’s available as an eBook. See the Books page for details.