15af for Career Changers

2016 March update: Four years have passed since this post. And the interview in question was done four years before that. Sometimes these projects just take time.

Anyhow, please note that the release of my first (short) ebook, Living Your Best Life, replaces the idea below of writing a series of posts.

The audio recording of the call is still available. Just scroll to the bottom of this post and follow the link.]

This is the opening post in a series designed to highlight the wisdom and experience of motivational author, Al Secunda. I first wrote about Al over four years ago in this post titled 15 and Forgiveness in Action.

Al’s book, The 15-Second Principle, is one of my favorite personal growth books, partly because he’s been up close and personal with very successful A-list Hollywood stars, as a private tennis coach.

Al’s counterintuitive approach to goal setting has as its premise a seeming contradiction.
I’m roughly paraphrasing here but it goes like this:

either you don’t really want this goal OR you’re scared to death of it.

Career Change Faint Heart

There’s a lot of nonsense talked by so-called gurus and coaches who trumpet the do what you love mantra to often unhappy people looking for direction in their choice of vocation.

It’s nonsense because it appeals to people who dream of career change but would run a mile if they actually had to engage critical thinking skills, and then do it. Alas, some of them get caught in subtle co-dependency marketing webs spun by teachers(?) whose primary aim is to build their own streams of income, usually at their clients’ expense.

Far, far better for these castles in the air dreamers to discover by themselves, and mostly for free, that career change is probably NOT for them.

Al’s book is a guide to helping you ditch goals you thought you (or often, someone else in your life) wanted to achieve before much harm is done, or time and money wasted, leaving you freer and happier to pursue those goals that really DO scare you to death!

15 and Forgiveness now on YouTube

Although the original two-hour mp3 audio interview still gets downloaded, I want to present the content to a much bigger audience than this blog. I also want to add a transcript for people to skim through.

I will therefore be adding the interview to YouTube as a multi-media series with a link to each transcript on this site.

I encourage you to share these YouTube videos with your friends and followers using social media tools such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus and others.

15af Video 01: Introduction

This video introduces Al Secunda and his book, The 15-Second Principle, setting the scene for the interview itself.
The video is 4m 47s and the transcript is around 700 words.