The 15-Second Principle Quiz Answers

Here is the followup to yesterday’s post on Al Secunda and his 15-Second Principle.

I created an 8 minute YouTube Video to highlight the relevance of Al’s approach to slipping past the procrastination giant. (The answers to yesterday’s quiz are also shown underneath the video here.)

YT Video link to be added later (2020-05-19)

  1. For many people their biggest DREAMS remain FROZEN FANTASIES.

  2. Al’s purpose is to help people ENGAGE with their goal and keep RETURNING to COMPLETE it.

  3. Unexplored DREAMS can leave a HOLE in your SOUL.

  4. The premise of the 15 second principle is either you don’t really CARE about your dream goal or you are SCARED to death of it!

  5. If it’s not FUN, stop DOING it.