Thailand, Here I Come!

Would you move half a world away in your early 40s and start over?

That’s what one of my mentors and now good friend, Charles Burke, did in the 1980s when he moved from the US to Japan.

His story inspired me to seek him out and we have talked on the phone every couple of weeks for several years now.

Because I had a very busy day job and wasn’t on first name terms with anyone who ran a real, live online business, I found his perspective and support very helpful while I struggled to break free from my employee mindset.

Lesson Learned - if you are serious about taking action on your goals, go get a qualified mentor!

Charles now runs his online business from a pretty seaside village on the Japanese Pacific coast. From where he’s created some very inspiring personal development material.

I invite you to check out his blog and say hello.
(2017-03: Site may be unavailable.)

PS: And I notice he’s about to move locations from Japan to Thailand on 14 February; quite a Valentine’s present for Shioe and yourself, Charles! (Yes, of course, I’d love to come visit. Hint, Hint.