Tell in May and Go Away

Summer in the northern hemisphere.

For many writers this is the season to be outdoors, to travel, to do anything but write stories!  I understand the sentiment; winter can be long, dark and cold. Best get some fun in the sun while the going is good.


However, in my case I will be staying put in Tokyo over the humid months of July and August because my S.O. and I are looking after our canine senior. She’s almost fifteen now and having some problems in controlling when to poop and pee. Although she’s a much-loved member of our family, it’s a round-the-clock job to keep everything ship-shape (trying saying that fast after a few beers.)

In the picture above are some of the physical books on my to-be-read list. I also have many more digital books to devour.

Perhaps you can also make out the four Asimov’s Science Fiction magazines in the center of the image? One of my goals this year is to write some short novellas and so I’ve been reading and studying what Asimov’s are publishing, with great interest. I can see a summer challenge taking shape to write a number of short stories in my revamped writer’s man cave.

(Still no air conditioning there but I can handle that, especially when the dog has me rising before dawn on many a morning. I’m hoping the wee hours will be a relatively cool and quiet time in which to scribble.)

Time Saver

I removed the Twitter and Instagram apps from my phone as I’m always strapped for time to write and although they can be fun to browse while commuting, the effort is such a time sink, especially when I could be using those precious hours to read and write more in my chosen genre.

I deleted FacePalm’s app many months ago and now only login to the beast from a desktop machine.

I plan to run this experiment for a few months and see if there are noticeable benefits. One immediate advantage is that the Kindle app now becomes my primary reason to use a smartphone. A writer (or reader) can'‘t knock that.

Finally, I wrote about the Bullet journal for writers back in 2015, during another abortive Nanowrimo effort.

Well, I am once again trying out an analogue approach (i.e. a paper Bullet journal) to manage my discretionary time. It’s proving to be a lot of fun so far and I seem to be moving toward a more minimalist approach to getting stuff done. And I’m OK with that.

Gadgets and apps are overrated.