Sundry Writing Updates

Here are some notables from the writing stuff getting done (or not!) in my timeline:

I’m reading Nancy Kress’s book, “Beginnings, Middles, & Ends” , part of the Writer’s Digest series, ‘Elements of Fiction Writing’.
The exercises at the end of each chapter are where lessons will be learned.

I finished Marcia Riefer Johnston’s book, ‘Word Up! How to Writer Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs (and Everything you Build from Them).

I value Marcia’s book so much that I bought my own copy for future reference.

I bought a number of books by the noted science fiction author, Edward M Lerner. The idea’s to enjoy reading them and then use as reference texts for some of Nancy’s exercises.

Finally, thanks to a poster (Effie Seiberg) on the Science Fiction Writers Google Plus community, I signed up for Brandon Sanderson’s 2013 online creative writing class.
All being well, I’ll have written a novella by the time class concludes in September.

A busy but interesting summer of writing and reading awaits.