Summer Reading Retreat


The hot and muggy days of summer are just about here in Tokyo. I escaped the worst of it last year with a trip home to N. Ireland.

No such luck this time.

Still, it’s great weather for working up a thirst after running. And for reading books in cooler spaces, such as in air-conditioned trains, cafes and libraries.

The end of June brought two fascinating eBooks to my attention. Both are aimed at writers. The first was Steven Pressfield’s, Nobody Wants to Read Your Sht*.

I enjoyed his other two books on creativity: The War of Art, and Do The Work. And this one did not disappoint. Especially the chapters about non-fiction and self-help books.
There is much to chew on here from an experienced author who has paid his writing dues over many, many years.

The second book I learned about from listening to author Mike Reeves-McMillan as the guest on episode 61 of the excellent Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast.

The show was titled, Using Short Fiction for “Gatekeeper Cred” and Editing Tips.

Both the short fiction and the editing segments were very informative. I picked up a copy of Mike’s editing book, The Well-Presented Manuscript: Just What You Need to Know to Make Your Fiction Look Professional, and am now pleased to be learning from a professional for such a bargain price. Highly recommended.

Writing Notes:

I am finishing off the paperback version of Just Five Rules, and going wide with ‘Living Your Best Life’, by also making it available on the Kobo store and on the iBooks store. Once complete, I will turn my attention to The Zelkova Tree time travel trilogy I mentioned in last month’s post.