Successful Career Change Rule 5. Find Games Worth Playing

Your career change as a game?

Just a metaphor, isn’t it? Maybe.

But go on, humo(u)r me for a while, will you?
Pretend your current career choice actually is a kind of game,and then ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the rules?
  • Who made these rules?
  • What position are you playing?
  • Can you change position?
  • What is the score?
  • How do you win?
  • Who is the referee?
  • How can you change the game?

You can stretch this metaphor as far as you want - great material for a doodling mind map or personal journalling.

I know many people who have achieved successful career change by simply changing positions. And for as long as they are judged fit and talented enough to play, they will probably get to stay on that same field. (Questions 3 and 4 above were the most relevant to them). For the most part, they are capable of working the answers out by themselves over time.

However, a small number of folks realized that not only was changing the game a burning desire, they wanted to own the freaking stadium, be the manager and select their own playing and support staff!

Sound like you?

Then step forward your entrepreneurial and business owner self.

It’s been my career and coaching experience that the more clearly you can answer the eight questions in this post, the more likely you are to move from Vision to Roles to Goals, and into direct and sustained action.

This is the sweet spot of successful career change, and where it fuses with goals, coaching and mentoring in a generally positive feedback loop.

Supporting and nurturing that loop is the primary purpose of this blog and my business.