Successful Career Change Rule 4. Let Time Go Lightly

Surprise! Surprise! Rule 4 means different things to different people.
At least, that’s what I’m finding out from my coaching and mentoring clients.

For some, it’s the freedom and independence that can come from choosing to be your own boss.

Others define it as an ability to choose a perspective and response in any given moment. (When we coaches get together for a chat, a favorite topic is reacting versus responding.)

My view is best expressed by the lyrics of Harry Chapin’s song Let Time Go Lightly, which was introduced to me by a wonderful management consultant on a Day Timer course many summers ago.

Oxford Japan Trailwalker 2007

Take a look at the photo above.

Are these two letting time go lightly?

They were in fact incredibly busy on the day that photo was taken - the person reclining on the bench was a driver in the support team for the 2007 Oxfam Japan TrailWalker 100km in 48 hours challenge.

If you could choose more moments where time does go lightly, would you do so?