Successful Career Change Rule 2. Follow A Proven Plan

Let me introduce a proven plan I have successfully used to change careers:

  1. Define what you (currently) understand by a successful-career-change-the-story-so-far.

  2. Make a deliberate choice to have that success in your own career.

  3. Find others who have already achieved similar success and follow what they did.

Are you concerned about the idea of following someone else’s path?

Relax. This doesn’t mean that you switch off your critical thinking abilities or your sense of what’s right and wrong in business, careers and related fields.

The mentors you choose to emulate will most likely have values and beliefs you can identify with.

And while you may choose to retrace some of the same steps they took on their career change journeys, at least in the early stages; you may find you have less need of their direction and guidance after you reach a plateau and can walk on your own for a while.

Until once again you choose to ascend or take a different path; when new mentors may be sought out to assist.

And where do you find such mentors or role models?

Most likely not in the same environment you are presently in.

For example, if you are choosing to swap a corporate cube farm for starting and owning a successful business, you are unlikely to find inspiring role models amongst the employees. Friends, yes. Mentors, no.

(Although, by keeping your entrepreneurial eyes and ears open while still employed, you’ll be able to filter and reapply the best of corporate practices in your own future ventures).

What’s your definition of a proven plan for career change?