Successful Career Change Rule 1: Take Action

The YouTube video mentioned in this career-change-using-just-five-rules post introduced five rules that guide my coaching and mentoring in the area of successful career change.

Rule 1: Take Action

Rule 2: Follow a Proven Plan

Rule 3: Focus on One Thing at a Time

Rule 4: Let Time Go Lightly

Rule 5: Find Games Worth Playing

At first glance they may look very obvious.

Look again.

Before you begin dissecting them with, yeah!-duh! logic (my 12 year old introduced me to this form of rational thought, do you have a working definition of what successful career change means in the career context?

And have you written it down?

If you have, then that’s an example of taking action with an end result in mind - one of clarifying your position on a concept which has a huge impact on what dreams, goals and ambitions you may have and choose to act on.

Of course it’s relatively easy to engage in thought experiments around career change and go no further. That was certainly my experience for at least a year as I relished the secret safety of doing endless planning with very little action.

Many well known personal development books drone on and on about the necessity of taking action toward your goals. After much thought on these words of wisdom, I decided that they’re absolutely correct.

So what holds most people back from taking action on big goals that meet their definition of success?

Maybe you can sniff a whiff of fear in the air, a form of self-induced terror I remember well as the “disco shuffle.”

And to which, in my best John Travolta style, I will boogie on down to in the next post.