Success Equals Goals And All Else Is Commentary?

My first introduction to Brian Tracy’s personal development material was his CD Audio course, Psychology of Achievement.

I listened to that course many times during my university on wheels commute by train, and made at least a dozen pages of notes, which I still have. And being an active student of different learning styles, I also read the book version, called Maximum Achievement.

One of Brian’s key points is that the ability to set goals and to make plans for their accomplishment is the master skill of success; see 1st paragraph, page 138 of Maximum Achievement.

In that same paragraph the following statement is italicized:

Success Equals Goals And All Else Is Commentary.

I’ve thought about that statement a lot since first hearing it (on the CD course) and plan to share some of those with you in a series of posts about goal setting.

For today, I’ll leave you with this conundrum:

Can it be possible that both Brian’s success statement and Ricardo Semler’s success statement are both true in a person’s life?

(Yes, I’m aware that words can be taken out of context but what I’m attempting to do here is explore success possibilities for anyone thinking about career change.)