Subject: Pre Great Depression 2 Party

Apparently some Tokyo IT Headhunters have a sense of humour, judging by the Pre Great Depression 2 Party email I got from one I know quite well.

It’s been a challenging 2008 for him and others here as many Gaishikei (foreign companies) have frozen both temp and permanent IT hiring plans. Ouch!

Seems like 2009 is already shaping up to be a backdrop for something like that Monty Python Always look on the bright side of life sketch.

Kanpai Mark McClure

Still, I considered it my professional duty to at least support and encourage him and a group of mostly gaijin IT workers in a Tokyo watering hole on Saturday evening.

Of course, in the spirit of our future barter economy (joke?!) I was willing to trade career coaching wisdom for quality liquid refreshments. (These days, two pints and I’m just about done for the night!)

As a warmup to that session (and I was home before 11pm, honest!), I also caught up with some former IT colleagues at a Tokyo fish restaurant, Friday evening.

Japanese fish dish

Can you name the yellow-ish fish? (See the ps below.) The hot wasabi is the green paste bottom right and just above that is fresh ginger)

PS: The yellow-ish fish is Japanese sea urchin, uni, which I cannot eat. I liked everything else on that dish.

There are some more photos on the Uoshin Fish Restaurant website: