Stop Wasting Time. 30 Day Accountability Experiment

I met up with my friend, Transition coach Jacinta Hin, on Friday night to talk about the goals we each have for 2010. We found a pleasant pub in Tokyo’s Ebisu district, and over some fish and chips and a Guinness, started swapping stories.

It soon became clear that although we both have some solid goals and even plans to accomplish them, the w-o-r-k required is simply not getting done quickly enough.

And the culprit?

That old favorite; not enough time!

Ha! Dear Reader, are you perhaps familiar with that sorry excuse for under achieving? Well, for coaches it’s doubly embarrassing because we’re supposed to know this stuff and also have the magic tool box for dealing with the blockages.

Thing is, there’s no magic wand to kick procrastination to the kerb. And in my experience, willpower usually isn’t the answer either for reasons I discussed in does-leechblock-lockdown-improve-productivity?

No, I think the solution is not to battle procrastination head-on, but rather to launch a series of flank attacks and feints (military metaphor time!)

What we decided to do was agree on a 30-day accountability experiment. Jacinta is going to (in fact she’s already started!) avoid her iPod movie addiction by posting regular updates on FaceBook (and possibly Twitter. I can’t exactly recall what was agreed after pint # 2 hehe!). The time saved will be available to work on her big goal.

I’ve decided to kick two habits in these next 30 days:

Habit #1: Internet news access for me is now only on Sundays.

Staying in touch daily was eating up almost one hour each evening BEFORE I got started on my big goal.

Habit #2: Drinking a beer with my evening meal weekdays.

This one might seem trivial (it’s only a 350 ml can!) but the combined effect of being on the go since 6 am, along with alcohol, means I get dozy around 9pm. Yet, I’ve stuff I want to do between 9-11 pm. Something has to give, and it aint my goal!

One level of accountability is present because we will be updating each other via email.

And another level will be the public nature of releasing Internet status updates. In my case, I’ll be adding a comment to this post most every day for the month of June. If I miss one, please remind me 😉

OK, so let’s see how May 31st goes - the practice run! Evening meal’s about to be served. A beer would go well with it.

Let the experiment begin.